We Represent Companies and Investors in Transactions Involving Real Estate and Real Estate Interests

Real estate transactions can present both unique opportunities and unique challenges. To take advantage of these opportunities and overcome these challenges, parties to real estate transactions must rely on carefully crafted and skillfully negotiated agreements that reflect the particular circumstances of the deal at hand.

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience advising and representing clients concerning real estate transactions, including transactions involving commercial, industrial, mixed use, multi-family, and residential development properties. We work closely with our clients to understand and outline the terms of their transactions, and we draft and negotiate contracts that provide the protections and certainty our clients need to move forward.

Types of Real Estate Transaction Representations

We work with our clients to develop and finalize the necessary contracts to move forward with all types of real estate transactions and projects. Our lawyers have particular experience with matters including:

  • Acquisitions and Sales: We assist our clients through the sale or purchase process with negotiations, structuring, and completion of their commercial real estate transaction, no matter how complex the deal may be. We also provide assistance and direction to our clients in recognizing advantageous and disadvantageous structures.  Our experience includes representing clients affected by oil and gas interests and those with other interests in real property.
  • Structuring and Formation of Investment Vehicles for Real Estate Purchases: We help our clients structure and form limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, and other investment vehicles for real estate purchases. We also negotiate the terms of shared profits agreements, shareholder agreements, trust agreements, and other contracts on behalf of the company or the individual investors.
  • Easements and Shared Operating Agreements: We draft and negotiate easements, reciprocal arrangements, and shared operating and development agreements for use when one party needs (or desires) the resources or improvements of another party’s property or access to another party’s property. 
  • Commercial Leasing and Build-to-Suit Contracts: Our lawyers represent property owners, lenders, tenants, and sub-tenants in commercial lease negotiations. This includes drafting and negotiating agreements for everything from build-to-suit arrangements, leasehold mortgages, shell office building spaces, fully-furnished office suites, subleases, and subordinations to all of the above.
  • Development Agreements: We represent developers and property owners in development agreement negotiations and negotiations with governmental contracts affecting an owner’s land. We also assist with project management, construction, engineering, architectural, and other contracts necessary for real estate development, both from the professional side and the owner’s side.
  • City and Governmental Agency Agreements: Our lawyers represent developers, property owners, and other clients in negotiations with cities and governmental agencies. We have experience working with municipalities, counties, and other governmental entities throughout Texas.

In addition to representing our clients regarding contract drafting and negotiation, we routinely assist our clients with other transactional real estate matters. This includes matters such as:

  • Condominium regimes
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Partition of complex community estates
  • Title and survey matters
  • Property owners’ associations