We Have Significant Experience Representing Parties in Mergers & Acquisitions

Successfully closing a merger or purchase or sale of a business of any size requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal, financial, business, and practical issues involved. With decades of relevant experience, our lawyers are well-versed in the nuances and implications of all types of mergers and acquisitions, and we offer deep insights and practical solutions to parties involved in all aspects of these transactions.

When preparing for a merger, purchase, sale, or any other type of corporate transaction, it is essential to go in with eyes wide open. Due diligence and disclosure are crucial, and all parties must clearly understand the terms of the deal. We guide our clients through all phases of the deal process, and we draft and negotiate deal terms focused on ensuring our clients have the rights and protections they need to move forward with confidence.

Types of Mergers & Acquisitions Representations

Our lawyers have successfully represented numerous buyers, sellers, executives, and shareholders in a broad range of mergers, acquisitions, and related transactions. 

  • Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions: We represent companies, shareholders, financial institutions, and other interested parties in mergers and purchases and sales of businesses of all sizes. From due diligence through closing, we help our clients understand their business risk and make sound and strategic decisions every step of the way.
  • Purchases and Sales of Commercial Real Estate, Ranches, and Raw Land: We also provide representation to purchase and sell commercial real estate, ranches, and raw land. With offices in Austin, we have experience guiding transactions through closing locally and throughout Texas.
  • Other Business and Asset Purchases and Dispositions: In addition to corporate mergers and acquisitions, we represent clients in different types of purchases and dispositions. This includes business asset purchase agreements as well as transactions involving other high-value assets.
  • Business “Divorce” or Exit: We have extensive experience representing individuals or groups of individuals in finding creative solutions allowing such parties to exit a business relationship on mutually agreeable terms.
  • Joint Ventures and Other Strategic Investments/Alliances: Joint ventures, strategic investments, and strategic alliances present unique legal considerations. We help our clients weigh all of these considerations and draft and negotiate sound agreements designed to achieve the parties’ shared goals while still protecting our clients’ individual interests.
  • Divestitures and Dispositions: Divestitures and dispositions also present unique legal considerations, and companies need to approach these transactions with a comprehensive understanding of their potential implications. If your company is seeking to divest a portion of its business or dispose of assets or a subsidiary, we can guide you through all pertinent legal considerations, ensure that the terms of the transaction are sound, and administer the divestiture or disposition process.
  • Restructurings and Recapitalizations: We represent companies and financial institutions in restructuring and recapitalization transactions. From changes in ownership to asset protection, there are various reasons why restructuring or recapitalization may be desirable. We help our clients make informed decisions in light of their specific goals and circumstances.