We Represent Companies and Executives in Executive Compensation Matters

Executive compensation negotiations present opportunities for both parties. Companies seeking to attract executives in high demand can offer compensation packages that set them apart from their competitors. In contrast, high-level executives can use these negotiations to secure salaries, bonuses, equity, and other forms of compensation commensurate with their capabilities. We represent companies and executives in executive compensation matters, and we have a long history of helping our clients protect and advance their interests in negotiations.

Our clients include start-ups, closely-held companies, and public companies, as well as CEOs, COOs, and other C-suite executives. With experience on both sides of executive compensation contract negotiations, we offer unique insights that allow our clients to make informed and strategic decisions.

Types of Executive Compensation Representations

Our lawyers work closely with our clients to understand their needs, priorities, and constraints, and we provide advice and representation custom-tailored to each client’s circumstances. We take this same personalized and client-focused approach to all matters involving:

  • Employment Agreements: Our lawyers have extensive experience drafting and negotiating employment agreements for C-suite executives. We represent companies seeking to hire new executives, and we represent executives seeking positions with new companies. We also assist with post-negotiation matters involving extensions, renewals, amendments, and interpretation of key terms.
  • Equity Compensation Packages: We help companies craft equity compensation packages that they can offer to attract high-performing and high-profile executives. Our lawyers can review your company’s governing documents to determine what options are available, and we can amend your company’s governing documents as necessary. Our lawyers also represent companies and executives in equity compensation package negotiations.
  • Stock Option Plans and Profits Interest Plans: Stock option plans and profit interests plans are two very different options for allowing executives to benefit from a company’s growth during their tenure. If you are interested in offering or pursuing a stock option plan or profits interest plan, we can help you craft a proposal and make an attractive offer. We can represent you in the ensuing negotiations.
  • Separation and Change-in-Control Transactions: Separations and changes in company control can trigger executives’ rights to certain forms of compensation, but they can also present financial risks for executives who may stand to lose unvested equity rights. Our lawyers provide representation during executive employment agreement negotiations, and we also represent companies and executives during separations and change-in-control transactions.