We Serve as Outside General Counsel to a Broad Range of Companies

Many companies have legal needs that require an ongoing attorney relationship but do not yet justify hiring an in-house legal team.  Or their in-house legal team needs the additional expertise our firm provides.  In these scenarios, engaging a law firm as outside general counsel is a cost-effective option. We serve as outside general counsel to a broad range of companies, and our lawyers speak with many of our client’s executives and managers daily.

The outside general counsel relationship offers several benefits compared to engaging outside lawyers on an ad hoc basis. Forming this relationship allows the company’s lawyers to understand the company’s operations, goals, and risks and how these change over time. Engaging a law firm as outside counsel also ensures the advice you need is just an email or phone call away, and, with a well-defined pricing model, you can manage your company’s legal budget effectively without surprise expenses.

Types of Outside General Counsel Services

Our outside general counsel services afford companies access to the legal representation they need day in and day out. We provide custom-tailored solutions and pricing models that can incorporate specific services such as:

  • Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating Contracts: Our lawyers draft, review, and negotiate all types of contracts for all types of companies. Whether you are negotiating with customers every day or you occasionally need a lawyer to review a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or software license agreement, we can help.
  • Advising on Day-to-Day Business and Legal Issues: Our lawyers can advise you on day-to-day business and legal issues in all aspects of your company’s operations. If you regularly find yourself wishing to pick up the phone and talk to a lawyer, an outside general counsel relationship might be a good option.
  • Advising on Significant Business Decisions: In addition to advising on day-to-day issues, we also advise our outside general counsel clients on significant business decisions. This includes everything from addressing litigation risks to conducting due diligence and drafting agreements for new business opportunities.
  • Assisting with Risk Analysis and Management: A big part of what we do for our clients as outside general counsel is helping them analyze and manage their risks. In our capacity as outside general counsel, we can identify many risks proactively, and we can efficiently assess risks that executives and managers bring to our attention.
  • Managing Additional Outside Counsel: In certain circumstances (i.e., when retaining a specialist or facing litigation in a foreign jurisdiction), it will be necessary to engage additional outside counsel. We can provide recommendations when needed, and we can manage your company’s other outside counsel on your behalf.