Skilled Drafting and Strategic Negotiation for All Types of Commercial Contracts

Our lawyers represent businesses of all sizes concerning commercial contract drafting and negotiation. We have significant experience working with companies in a broad range of industries. Our lawyers rely on this experience to provide skilled and strategic representation for all types of commercial transactions.

Effective contracting is essential for maintaining streamlined operations, setting expectations with clients and vendors, and mitigating business risk. A well-drafted and carefully negotiated contract will establish the economic terms of the deal and provide protections that are necessary and appropriate in light of the business, financial and legal issues involved. We protect our clients without getting in the way, and we emphasize clear and concise drafting.

Types of Contract Drafting and Negotiation Services

Our lawyers assist clients in Texas, throughout the United States, and around the world with commercial agreements including:

  • Construction and Architectural Contracts: We represent property owners, developers, builders, architecture firms, and other clients concerning construction and architectural contracts. We have particular experience in the real estate sector and have developed and negotiated the contracts for many notable properties in and around Austin and other cities.
  • Services Agreements: We draft and negotiate service agreements for all types of professionals and other services providers. We also negotiate services agreements on behalf of businesses seeking to engage outside professionals, consultants or other service providers.
  • Vendor and Supplier Agreements: We routinely represent vendors, suppliers, and purchasers in commercial contract negotiations. Our lawyers also prepare form contracts for vendors and suppliers to use with their clients and customers.
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): Confidentiality agreements and NDAs can serve an essential function under an extremely broad range of scenarios. We draft and negotiate these contracts for companies of all sizes for use with employees, contractors, potential customers and purchasers, and other entities.
  • Software and License Agreements: Software and license agreements must contain unique terms that are highly specific to the terms of the deal. Our lawyers have significant experience drafting and negotiating software license agreements and other technology-related contracts.