We Represent Companies and Investors in Private Equity Transactions

From new startups to established companies issuing a preferred equity round, companies looking to raise money from investors partner with Potts Blacklock Senterfitt, PLLC attorneys before, during, and after the process to raise money with confidence, optimize their structure for fundraising, protect their interests, maximize their long-term growth potential and issue equity in compliance with federal and state securities laws.

Investors seeking to put their money into Austin’s fast-growing startup scene or invest in well-established Texas companies also rely on Potts Blacklock Senterfitt, PLLC attorneys to help them make sound decisions and protect their financial interests. 

Private equity transactions can take many different forms. We help our clients explore their options, pursue desirable opportunities, and negotiate deals that keep them moving forward.

Types of Private Equity Representations

Our attorneys represent companies and investors in all types of private equity transactions. Our experience includes advising and representing parties on both sides of transactions, including:

  • Equity Financings: Equity financing transactions give companies access to the working capital they need to grow. They also allow investors to participate in this growth financially. When structured appropriately, equity financing transactions will provide appropriate protections for both parties, and it will be clear where each party’s rights and responsibilities lie. We represent companies and individual and institutional investors in all types of equity financing transactions, guiding our clients throughout the process from due diligence through closing.
  • Convertible Notes and SAFEs: Convertible notes can be preferable to preferred equity financing transactions in some cases, especially for early-stage companies. Simple agreements for future equity (SAFEs) are also advisable in certain situations and can be a simpler alternative to convertible notes. When representing startups and investors in convertible note and SAFE transactions, we ensure that our clients carefully consider all relevant issues. We help our clients evaluate important terms such as discount and valuation caps, early exit rights, and conversion events.
  • Preferred Stock (Series A, etc.): Preferred stock transactions also present unique opportunities for companies and investors under the right set of circumstances. Preferred stock can take many different forms, and investors can receive a broad range of legal rights. When issuing preferred stock, companies must be careful to ensure that they are only granting necessary and appropriate privileges. When investing in preferred stock, investors must ensure that they have the rights they need for the opportunity to make financial sense. With experience on both sides, our lawyers have the insights founders and investors need to make informed decisions.
  • Warrants: Warrants are unique investment vehicles that give investors the right to buy equity in a company at a specific price. Our lawyers have experience on both sides and use this experience to ensure that our clients have the information and legal protections they need when issuing and receiving stock warrants.