We Represent Borrowers and Lenders in Many Types of Debt Financings and Lending Transactions

Debt financings and lending transactions can take many different forms. Structuring these transactions requires a detailed understanding of the business, financial and legal issues involved. Our attorneys are well-versed in these issues with decades of experience representing parties on both sides of debt financing and lending transactions. As a result, we can provide strategic representation to our clients throughout the deal process.

Types of Debt Financings and Lending Transaction Representations

We represent borrowers and lenders in many types of debt financings and lending transactions. Our experience includes helping our clients successfully close deals such as:

  • Secured Lending Transactions and Debt Financings: Secured lending transactions require careful documentation for the parties on both sides. We assist our clients with due diligence, asset identification and valuation, UCC compliance (where required), loan agreement drafting and negotiation, and other aspects of secured lending transactions and other debt financings.
  • Real Estate Project Financings: We have particular experience with real estate project financing in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our lawyers have worked on deals for a broad range of residential, commercial, and industrial projects as both borrower’s counsel and lender’s counsel.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Construction Project Financings: We also have significant experience with financing transactions for vertical and horizontal construction projects. In many cases, real estate and construction project financing will go hand-in-hand; and, when they do, our lawyers make sure that our clients are ready to move forward on time to keep their construction projects on schedule.
  • Build-to-Suit Financings: Build-to-suit leases present unique financing considerations for property owners, tenants, and their respective financing entities. We have experience in the build-to-suit market in Texas, and our lawyers are intimately familiar with the legal considerations and potential issues involved.
  • Venture Debt Arrangements: We represent early-stage companies and non-bank lenders in venture debt arrangements for capital investments and other purposes. In many cases, these arrangements will combine debt and equity interests through the issuance of equity or warrants.
  • Seller Financings: Seller financing can facilitate highly efficient transactions, but it can also present risks for both parties. We represent buyers and sellers in seller financing transactions involving real estate, high-value personal property, business interests, and other assets.
  • SBA Loans: We represent borrowers in transactions under all SBA programs and can provide efficient guidance to help our clients protect their interests during the loan process.