Experienced Lawyers delivering Practical Solutions to Complex Problems

In today’s world, companies need a new approach to legal representation. They need lawyers who understand their businesses and the increasingly complex legal challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. They need a law firm with the capabilities and resources required to assess risks and provide solutions in real-time.

Our firm was founded on a fundamental principle—to provide a wealth of experience and add value to the clients we serve. We expect our clients to have high expectations and rely on our lawyers to anticipate and proactively address their legal needs. We are committed to helping our clients make informed and strategic decisions in a cost-effective manner. Our attorneys are passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed, and we approach our work from the client’s perspective.

An Austin Law Firm Devoted to the Business, Technology, and Real Estate Communities

Potts Blacklock Senterfitt, PLLC is an Austin law firm comprised of former big-firm lawyers with business and real estate backgrounds and in-house experience. We work with companies, professionals, and investors who trust our lawyers to provide strategic and efficient legal representation to:

Start-Up Companies

We represent start-ups with and Austin or Texas presence in all industries. Our lawyers work directly with company founders on matters ranging from entity formation and private equity transactions to commercial contracts and executive compensation matters.

Emerging Enterprises

Our lawyers represent many emerging enterprises in the Austin area. If your company is past the start-up phase and needs strategic legal guidance, we can give you the advice and insights you need to move forward with confidence.

Technology Companies

A significant number of our clients operate in the technology sector. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the complex legal issues involved with licensing, acquisition, work-for-hire, and other technology-related transactions.


We work with professional service providers in all industries to help them grow their businesses, protect their assets and mitigate their risks. Our professional clients include doctors, accountants, architects, attorneys, and real estate professionals, among others.


We represent individual investors and investor groups targeting business investment opportunities and real estate projects, and investment firms of all sizes. Our lawyers assist with all investment phases and are experienced in all types of debt and equity financing.

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Many of our clients have brick-and-mortar businesses in Austin, Texas, and throughout the United States. We assist our brick-and-mortar clients with all legal issues arising in connection with their business operations, from contract negotiations to financing transactions and business acquisitions and sales.

Other Corporate and Real Estate Clients

Our client list includes businesses and individuals involved in many other facets of Austin’s rapidly-growing economy. Regardless of what you do or what your legal needs may be, if you are looking for a team of highly capable lawyers who will listen, think critically and provide custom-tailored legal advice, we encourage you to get in touch.

Learn More About What We Have to Offer

If you would like to know more about our firm and what we do to help drive our clients’ businesses forward, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation. To speak with a lawyer at Potts Blacklock Senterfitt in confidence, inquire online today